Thursday, March 5, 2009


Citizens Against Poachers have created this site to help deter the selfish and unthinking people who abuse the animals in the tidal pools. The tidal pools should be a sanctuary for all the life forms that live there. It is hard enough for these other life forms to put up with the rough ocean, the high and low tide which exposes them to the hot sun, and people walking over their homes. The tide pools in these preserves are a classroom for thousands of children and adults who come to these areas to learn about what wonderful things that live in our area’s tide pools.

Yet some unthinking people and fishermen come there illegally and take and kill the octopus, sponges, limpets, shells, sea stars and anything that they can find. Do you know that an octopus is a very intelligent animal? Octopuses are highly intelligent, probably the most intelligent of any of the invertebrates, with their intelligence supposedly comparable to that of the average housecat.

This blog site is a place where law-abiding citizens can display the pictures they take of the lawbreakers. We want to educate people to leave the tide pools as they are and teach people to love the other life forms that share our planet. If we work together we can stop these law breakers. Your help is needed. If you see someone taking plants or animals from the tide pools, don't confront them. But do take their picture! We won't publish the photos on this blog without blocking out the faces, but we can send them to the authorities as is, which will greatly help them in their efforts.

Please send photos, reports, and your ideas to:

e-mail address:

Besides the tidepools we all need to protect the native plants, birds, insects, reptiles, and native animals—all life forms in our area. So on this blog, we will include information about the rules and regulations for our area parks and preserves and tell you where to go if you find an injured bird or animal, etc.

Let's preserve our beautiful tide pools, coastline, and nature reserves for our children's children to enjoy.

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